Microsoft Project 2010 Foundation Training Course Outline

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Project Training CoursesThis 1-day training course teaches the basic commands and features of Microsoft Project 2010.

Students will learn how to create and modify task lists, establish a project schedule, create calendars, assign resources to tasks, track costs, and work with different views and tables. Students will also apply filters and groups, and sort task and resource data. Finally, they will learn how to resolve resource conflicts. Contact us for further details.

Topics include:
Discuss basic project management concepts and principles; identify project view options, interface components, and Gantt chart elements; create and save a project file; and get help on using Microsoft Project.

Create a task list, using both manual and automatic scheduling modes; set durations; modify a task list; establish a Work Breakdown Structure; hide columns; set milestones; and format the Sheet pane and the Gantt chart.

Link tasks to establish a project schedule; modify task predecessors; set lag time and lead time; add recurring tasks; work in Network Diagram view; modify task relationships; apply different task types; and set task constraints.

Create a base calendar and edit the working time; create a resource pool and a resource calendar; assign resources to tasks; create and apply a task calendar; enter resource costs; and use the Cost table.

Use the Change Working Time dialog box to create a base calendar for the project, use the resource sheet to create a resource pool, assign resources to tasks, create task calendars, enter resource costs in Resource Sheet view, and use the Cost table in Gantt Chart view.

Apply filters, highlighting, AutoFilters, and custom filters; group tasks and resources; create custom groups; sort tasks and resources; and renumber a sorted task list or resource list.

Additional topics will be included and the course tailored to the clients requirements to ensure the most comprehensive and effective training possible is delivered at this level.

Course contents:

Project Management
Definition of Project Management
Project Constraints
The five phases of a project
Microsoft Project 2010
Microsoft Project 2010 views
The Ribbon
View Tab
Gantt chart view
Gantt Chart view with WBS
Network Diagram view
Calendar view
Resource Sheet view
Task Usage
Tracking Gantt
Resource Graph
The Backstage view
The Team Planner
The Timeline
The Task Inspector
The zoom slider
Manual scheduling
Explore the Ribbon, Tabs, Groups and Views

Working with Microsoft Project 2010
Terminology Used In Project 2010
Project Information
Microsoft Project Defaults
The Scheduling Formula
Task Types
Creating a New Project
Enter Project Summary Information
Enter Project Tasks
Enter Task Durations

Types of tasks
Task Information
Task constraints
To Set a Task Constraint
Insert a New Task
Use Elapsed Time
Linking Tasks
Task Relationships
Lead and Lag Time
Linking Tasks
Adjust the Logic between Tasks
Insert New Tasks
Deleting a Task
Using Lead OR Lag Time on a Task

Adjusting Task Details and Creating Phases
Split Tasks
Adjust the Timescale
Multiple Task Relationships
Delete Task Relationships
Redefining the Logic
Split a Task
Creating Summary Tasks
Apply Outline Numbering
Insert a Project Summary
Insert a Hyperlink
Attach a Task Note

Resources: Creating and Assigning
Setting up resources
Cost types
Entering Rates
Exercise Twenty-three
Enter Material Resource
Create a Text Field
Entering Work Resources
Assigning Resources
The Scheduling Formula
Assigning Multiple Resources
Assign a Single Resource to a Task
Assign Multiple Resources
Partial Assignment
Assign Equipment and Material to a Task
Tip: Assigning with the Assign Resources Dialog Box
Using the Resource List Options
Assign a Resource to a Summary Task
Assign a Resource to a Project
Change the Format of the Gantt Chart

Using Filters and Groups
Filtering Data
Using Predefined Filters
Apply a Grouping

Reporting & Printing
Print a view or report
Print a view
Create a Visual Report of Project data in Excel
Creating Reports
Copy the Timeline for email or presentations
Independent practice.
Microsoft Project Help Demos

Further Topics
At no additional cost, topics from the Foundation/Intermediate course can be substituted or added to ensure the most comprehensive and effective training possible is delivered at this level. An instructor will discuss this with you.