Microsoft Access 2007 Foundation Training Course Outline

This 1-day Microsoft Excel training course is delivered onsite and off-site at locations across the UK.

Microsoft Access Training CoursesThis one-day course covers the basic functions and features of Access 2007. Students will learn how to design and create databases; work with tables, fields, and records; sort and filter data; and create queries, forms, and reports. Designated as Approved Courseware for the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist program, this course will help students prepare for the Access 2007 exam (70-605). For comprehensive certification training, students should complete Access 2007: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Course objectives

Organise data efficiently by using a database management system; start Access and open Access databases; and use the Help feature.
Plan and create a database; use Datasheet view and Design view; and create tables and work in tables.
Modify a table's design; use the attachment data type; find and replace data; sort, filter, and delete records.
Set field properties, create input masks, and set validation rules.
Create queries, and sort and filter the results; modify queries; and perform operations in queries.
Create, modify, and work with forms; and use them to sort and filter records.
Create reports by using the Report button, the Report Wizard, Design view, Layout view, and queries; modify and print reports.

Course contents
Getting started • Database concepts • Exploring the Access environment • Getting help
Databases and tables • Planning and designing databases • Exploring tables • Creating tables
Fields and records • Changing the design of a table • Finding and editing records • Organising records
Data entry rules • Setting field properties • Working with input masks • Setting validation rules
Basic queries • Creating and using queries • Modifying query results and queries • Performing operations in queries
Using forms • Creating forms • Using Design view • Sorting and filtering records
Working with reports • Reports • Modifying and printing reports

Before taking this course, you should be familiar with personal computers and the use of a keyboard and a mouse. This course assumes that you've completed a Windows: Basic course or have equivalent experience.

Target Audience
You should be comfortable using a personal computer and Windows XP or later. You will get the most out of this course if your goal is to become proficient using the features of Microsoft Access, including the tables, forms, reports, and filters.

Certification Track
For comprehensive training, you should complete all of the following courses: Access 2007: Basic, Access 2007: Intermediate, and Access 2007: Advanced.