Microsoft Outlook courses - all levels and versions

Outlook Foundation
1-day course

Getting started
The program window
Outlook Today
Email basics
Reading messages
Creating and sending messages
Working with messages
Handling attachments
Printing messages and attachments
Email management
Setting message options
Organizing the Inbox folder
Managing junk email
Working with contacts
Address books
Using contact groups
Working with tasks
Managing tasks
Appointments and events
Creating and sending appointments
Modifying appointments
Working with events
Using Calendar Views
Meeting requests and responses
Scheduling meetings
Managing meetings
Unit summary: Meeting requests and responses

Topics covered will vary slightly depending upon the version you are using, e.g. 365, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010

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Outlook Advanced
1-day course

Customising Outlook
The Outlook environment
General options and account settings
Quick Steps
The Folder pane and Navigation bar
Customising messages
Message appearance
Voting buttons
Out-of-office messages
Mailbox organisation and management
Setting rules
Managing your mailbox
Archiving and saving your mail
Organising items
Advanced filtering
Notes and Journals
Recording information with notes
Tracking activities with the Journal
Sharing your calendar and contacts
Staying informed with RSS

Topics covered will vary slightly depending upon the version you are using, e.g. 365, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010

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Outlook Bespoke courses

We design bespoke Outlook courses to suit your requirements.

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Fast-track Outlook training

Fast track training sessions are highly-focussed intensive training sessions delivered in short bursts to give busy people the essential skills they need in the shortest possible time.

Our fast-track courses are a quick way to transfer essential skills in the shortest possible time - useful for busy staff members unable to undertake comprehensive training. Fast-track courses are suitable for a variety of purposes and can, for example, be used by busy professionals to see what's new in Outlook. Here is a summary of topics typically covered:

Microsoft Outlook offers premium business and personal e-mail management tools to more than 500 million users worldwide. With the release of Outlook 2010, you get a richer set of experiences to meet your communication needs at work, home, and school. From a redesigned look to advanced e-mail organization, search, communication, and social networking features, Outlook 2010 provides you with a world-class experience to stay productive and in touch with your personal and business networks. Want information on Outlook 2010 with customer and contact management features? Please see Top 10 benefits of Outlook 2010 with Business Contact Manager.

Top 10 benefits of Outlook 2010

Manage multiple e-mail accounts from one place. You can easily manage e-mail messages from multiple mailboxes. Synchronise multiple e-mail accounts from services such as Hotmail, Gmail, or just about any other provider to Outlook 2010. Improved connectivity with Microsoft Exchange Server supports the use and management of multiple Exchange Server e-mail accounts in one location.

Manage large volumes of e-mail with ease. Conversation view in Outlook 2010 improves the tracking of e-mail conversations—reducing information overload—and helps you manage large amounts of e-mail with ease. Entire conversations can be condensed and categorised with a single click. And, new conversation management tools enable you to save valuable inbox space by turning dozens of e-mails into just a few conversations using the Clean Up feature. Or, use the Ignore feature to send the entire conversation to your Deleted Items.

Customise common tasks into single-click commands. Create and save custom actions in a new way with Quick Steps in Outlook 2010. You can save time by creating and defining multistep tasks that you can execute with a single click, including reply and delete, move to a specific folder, create a new e-mail to assigned groups, and more.

Make scheduling a breeze. Conveniently and efficiently schedule appointments, share your calendar availability and manage your work schedule. With the E-mail Calendar feature, you can send your schedule to others so they can quickly find time for your next appointment. And, the new Schedule View provides a horizontal display of multiple calendars. New calendar management tools enable you to save frequently used groups of calendars so they can be quickly redisplayed whenever you need them.

Search to easily find what you’re looking for. With Outlook 2010, you can easily sort through high volumes of data. The enhanced Search Tools provide you with ways to quickly find and manage large quantities of e-mail, calendar, and contact items.

Create e-mail messages that capture attention. Dynamic graphics and picture editing tools are not just for Word and PowerPoint anymore. With Outlook 2010, you can grab your readers’ attention by using compelling visuals such as pre-built SmartArt™ graphics, Office themes, and Styles. You also can more easily bring your ideas across to your readers by inserting and formatting screenshots in Outlook.

Stay connected to your social and business networks.Outlook 2010 is your hub for friends, family, and colleagues. Use Outlook Social Connector to get additional information about people, such as mutual friends and other social information, while staying better connected to your social and business circles.

Ensure that your e-mail messages get to the intended audience.For business users, sending unnecessary e-mail messages to out-of-office contacts, accidentally replying to a large distribution list, or distributing confidential information outside the company are frequent concerns. With the new MailTips feature, you’re alerted when you are about to send e-mail to a large distribution list, to someone who is out of the office or to individuals outside the organization.

Receive voice mail transcripts in your inbox. With Outlook 2010 and new technology in Exchange Server 2010, voice messages are automatically transcribed. A voice-to-text preview of a recorded voice message is sent along with the voice mail recording directly to your inbox. Access them from almost anywhere using your computer, Microsoft Outlook Mobile, or Microsoft Outlook Web App.

Initiate live conversations from Outlook. Keep in touch with your contacts. By using Office Communicator, or your instant messaging application, Outlook 2010 provides presence and status information for those on your buddy or contact list. Hover over a name, see their availability and then easily initiate a conversation directly through instant messaging. With Office Communicator, you can start a voice call without leaving Outlook.

What's new in Outlook 2013
The first thing you’ll see when you open Outlook is a brand new look. It’s cleaner, but it’s also designed to help you focus on what’s important with a clear view of email, calendars, and contacts.
NOTE To learn how you can start working with emails, tasks or appointments, and calendars in Outlook 2013, see our Basic Outlook 2013 course.

Preview messages in the message list
Know at a glance which messages to read and tackle first.

Respond faster with inline replies
Reply with one click by typing your response right in the Reading Pane. Or, start a Lync IM conversation for a real-time chat.

Use commands in the message lists for quick action
Flag, delete, or mark your messages read or unread with handy commands in the message list.

Also, with the All and Unread buttons in the inbox, you can focus on the messages you want.

• View only unread messages
• Flag incoming messages for follow-up
• Delete a message

Sneak a peek
Grab a quick glance at your schedule, an appointment, or details about someone you’re emailing—without, for example, having to switch from email to calendar or other modes.

Read more:
• Keep a calendar and your appointments and meetings always in view
• Keep upcoming tasks always in view
See all your contact details in one place
The People Card collects all the key details about a contact in one place: phone, email, address, company info, social media updates, even whether they’re available. From the card, you can schedule a meeting, send an instant message, or give them a call, making it a one-stop-shop for all communication.

Quickly switch between the main Outlook elements
Just above the status bar at the bottom of the screen, you’ll find a clearer view of Mail, Calendar, People, and Tasks, for easy navigation.

See your calendars, contacts, or tasks
Customise your Inbox
Rename the folders in your Inbox and move them around to support the way you work.

One place for all your project docs and email in Site Mailboxes
Give everyone on your team access to a team folder, calendar, and task list to manage on the go, using the combined power of Outlook, Exchange, and SharePoint

Connect with Hotmail without any add-ins
Outlook 2013 includes built-in support for Exchange ActiveSync, which means you don’t need a Hotmail Connector add-in to connect to Hotmail. Also, if you use Tasks to plan every detail of your life, now you can sync Hotmail Tasks with Outlook to put all those plans together.

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