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Our onsite training courses

You provide a meeting room or office ...

Onsite training courses Training on your premises can be delivered in:
  1. a suitable room where delegates can use their own laptops
  2. or a fully-equipped training suite 
  3. or even 1-2-1 training in a person's own office

Offsite venues available at various locations - contact us to discuss your requirements

We provide top-quality training at excellent value ...

ICT Wizard Onsite Courses
  1. Delivering courses on your premises is a highly effective and cost-effective way to provide the training you require.
  2. Course prices are lower than offsite and an expert instructor comes to you at no additional cost - you pay only the course fee.
  3. Your company does not have the additional expense involved with off-site courses, higher course costs, travelling expenses.
  4. Staff are still on site after the course, which is often important for operational reasons.

We tailor courses to fit your needs ...

Tailored courses
  1. Courses designed to meet your training objectives.
  2. A single course can include topics from any topic or level.
  3. Client files can be used in training/consultancy sessions.
  4. Fast-track training can be delivered to transfer essential skills in the shortest time possible
  5. A helpdesk, floorwalking or an ICT clinic can be provided
  6. An expert instructor can liase with you directly to ensure you get the best possible advice and assistance.
Get in touch for further information or assistance

You choose dates, times and format ...

Flexible training courses
  1. Arrange dates and times that suit you - no need to fit in with scheduled public courses. Half-days, evenings and weekends are also available
  2. Training, support and consultancy can be delivered to any number of staff
  3. You can have an expert onsite to provide a range of different services in a single day
  4. Delegates acquire their skills in a familiar environment

Our offsite training courses

For clients preferring to hold training sessions away from their offices we deliver courses offsite at various locations. Contact us for details.

Support Services

- An IT professional onsite for the time required
- Onsite services for Rollouts - floorwalking, helpdesk
- Competency appraisal, TNA and problem-solving


- We work in partnership with clients to overcome business challenges through the application of technology and the development of staff.

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ICT Wizard Computer Training CoursesICT Wizard Training Aberdeen We are a leading-edge information and communications technology company with real-world experience in the provision of training, consultancy and support services. 

Our consultants and instructors work with world-class businesses and organisations to increase productivity and performance through their people.

We identify business and training needs and implement solutions aimed at giving staff the expertise necessary for improving efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.  

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Working with world-class companies and organisations to increase productivity and performance