Microsoft OneNote 365 Course Outline

OneNote Training CoursesAfter completing this 1-day course, you will be able to:
Organise and find notebook information
Create Notes with tables and graphics
Create and use Page Templates
Edit Notes
Organising, Printing and Viewing Notebooks
Create and manage audio and video content
Use the Outlines feature and export an outline to Microsoft Word 2016

Microsoft Office OneNote 365 is a note-taking program that provides a flexible way to gather and organise information.  OneNote aims to help you capture your thoughts and ideas in electronic notebooks where you can easily organise, search and share the notebooks.  You can manage all your notes in one notebook or create several notebooks to organise information. For example, you can maintain a notebook for your work notes and another one for your personal notes.

Unlike traditional Help content, OneNote 365 provides you a sample notebook to explore and familiarise yourself with workspace elements.
The new navigation pane in OneNote 365 displays all your notebooks, pages, sections, and folders for easy access.  You can easily hide the open notebooks and save space on your screen.  The drag and drop feature helps you reorganise your notebooks and the sections and pages within notebooks.  For example, you can move a page from one section to another by clicking the page tab and dragging the page to a new section.

OneNote 365 also provides a variety of templates, such as decorative backgrounds, watermarks, and functional templates, to help you customise your pages and sections.

OneNote 365 also provides backup and security features to protect your notes. Contact us for further details.

Course contents

Topics include:
Organise and Find Notebook information
Overview of OneNote 365
OneNote 365 Workspace
The Notes Page

Customising the Workspace
Unit 1: Customising the OneNote 365 Workspace

Organising Information in OneNote 365
Unit 2: Collecting and Organising information
Unit 3: Searching for information

Managing Information
Save Notebook Information
Options to Secure Notebook Information
Unit 4: Save, Restore and Secure

Creating Notes
Unit 5 - Adding Tables to a Note
Unit 6 - Adding Graphics to a Note

Page Templates
Unit 7 - How to Use Page Templates

Audio and Video Content
Requirements for Working with Audio and Video Notes
How to Create and Manage Audio and Video Notes

Using Outlines to Organise Notes
Overview of the Outline Feature
Unit 8 - Creating and Managing an Outline
Unit 9 - Exporting an Outline to Word 2016

Collect and Organise Research Information
Collecting Research Information
Audio or Video Clips
Scanned Documents
Office Documents
Unit 10 - Inserting Web Page Content
Unit 11 - Adding Screen Clippings

Side Notes
Unit 12 – Using Side Notes
Unit 13 - Integrating Side Note Information

Locating Information in OneNote 2016
Unit 14 - Searching for Information in a Note
Unit 15 - Using Note Tags in OneNote 365