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VBA Training Courses Select a VBA course to see an outline:

VBA for Microsoft Office

Excel VBA

Word VBA

Access VBA

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Office 365 Find out more about  getting the best out of Microsoft 365 and training your people to use 365 apps to their full potential.

Office - Excel, Word, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint

OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, Flow, Delve, PowerApps, Stream, Sway, Forms and others.

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Visio Training Courses Select a Visio course to see an outline:

Microsoft Visio Foundation

Microsoft Visio Advanced

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Publisher Training Courses Select a Publisher course to see an outline:


Microsoft Publisher Foundation

Microsoft Publisher Advanced

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InfoPath Training Courses Select an InfoPath course to see an outline:

Microsoft InfoPath Foundation

Microsoft InfoPath Advanced

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Training Courses in Glasgow

Onsite at your office or at an offsite venue

Glasgow Training CoursesWe have years of experience of working with world-class companies in Glasgow and have a track-record of increasing productivity and performance through enabling people to work effectively with technology. Courses in all versions of Microsoft Office - Office 365, Office 2019, Office 2016 and others. 

We will work with you to identify your training needs and deliver effective solutions.

ICT Wizard Onsite CoursesOur experienced, practical approach will ensure you receive the training services you need whether it is a selection of our acclaimed training courses or bespoke training designed to meet your particular requirements.

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Onsite training services in Glasgow

Training on your premises saves time and expense. Course prices are lower, there are no travel or accommodation costs for staff, an expert instructor comes to you at no additional cost - you pay only the course fee.

The training experience is usually more effective. Glasgow Onsite Training CoursesStaff acquire skills in a familiar environment, courses can be tailored to business needs and staff training requirements and trainees can use familiar files for hands-on experience.

See further details on our Onsite page.

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List of courses


Access 2007 Advanced

Access 2007 Foundation

Access 2007 Intermediate

Access 2010 Advanced

Access 2010 Foundation

Access 2010 Intermediate

Microsoft Access 2013 Foundation

Microsoft Access 2013 Intermediate

Microsoft Access 2013 Advanced

Access VBA

Adobe Acrobat 7 Professional

Adobe Acrobat 7 Standard

Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional Advanced

Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional Foundation

Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard Advanced

Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard Foundation

Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional Advanced

Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional Basic

Adobe Acrobat X Professional Basic

Adobe Acrobat X Professional Advanced

Adobe Illustrator Basic

Adobe Illustrator Advanced

Advanced Interpersonal Communication


Business & Professional Development (course list)

Business Contact Manager

Business Ethics

Business Etiquette

Business Problem Solving


Change Management Course


Computer Training (training services details)

Conducting Meetings

Creativity and Innovation

Customer Relationship

Customer Service: Listening, Responding, Resolving


Diversity Course

Dreamweaver 8 Advanced

Dreamweaver 8 Basic

Dreamweaver CS3 Advanced

Dreamweaver CS3 Basic

Dreamweaver MX Advanced

Dreamweaver MX Basic


ECDL Courses

Effective Presentations

Excel 2007 Advanced

Excel 2007 Foundation

Excel 2007 Intermediate

Excel 2007 Power User

Excel 2010 Advanced

Excel 2010 Foundation

Excel 2010 Intermediate

Excel 2010 Power User

Excel VBA

Excel 2013 Foundation

Excel 2013 Intermediate

Excel 2013 Advanced

Microsoft Excel 2013 VBA

Excellence in Service: Advanced

Excellence in Service: Basic

Expression Web Basic

Expression Web 2007 Advanced


Fast-track courses

FrontPage 2003 Foundation

FrontPage 2003 Intermediate


Google Apps for Business

Google Docs


InfoPath 2007 Foundation

InfoPath 2007 Advanced

InfoPath 2010 Foundation

InfoPath 2010 Advanced

Microsoft InfoPath 2013 Foundation

Microsoft InfoPath 2013 Advanced


Interviewing Skills

Introduction to Computing



Managerial Leadership



Microsoft Access 2007 Advanced

Microsoft Access 2007 Foundation

Microsoft Access 2007 Intermediate

Microsoft Access 2010 Advanced

Microsoft Access 2010 Foundation

Microsoft Access 2010 Intermediate

Microsoft Excel 2007 Advanced

Microsoft Excel 2007 Foundation

Microsoft Excel 2007 Intermediate

Microsoft Excel 2007 Power User

Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced

Microsoft Excel 2010 Foundation

Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate

Microsoft Excel 2010 Power User

Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced

Microsoft Excel 2013 Foundation

Microsoft Excel 2013 Intermediate

Microsoft Excel 2013 Power User

Microsoft Expression Web 2007 Advanced

Microsoft Expression Web Basic

Microsoft FrontPage 2003 Foundation

Microsoft Office - all versions

Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 New Features

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft FrontPage 2003 Intermediate

Microsoft Office 2007 Integration

Microsoft Outlook 2007 Advanced

Microsoft Outlook 2007 Foundation

Microsoft Outlook 2007 Intermediate

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Advanced

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Foundation

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Intermediate

Microsoft Office 2010 New Features

Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Outlook 2013 Foundation

Microsoft Outlook 2013 Intermediate

Microsoft Outlook 2013 Advanced

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Advanced

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Foundation

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Advanced

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Foundation

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Foundation

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Advanced

Microsoft Project 2007 Advanced

Microsoft Project 2007 Foundation / Intermediate

Microsoft Project 2010 Advanced

Microsoft Project 2010 Foundation

Microsoft Project 2010 Foundation / Intermediate

Microsoft Project 2013 Foundation

Microsoft Project 2013 Foundation / Intermediate

Microsoft Project 2013 Advanced

Microsoft Publisher 2007 Advanced

Microsoft Publisher 2007 Foundation

Microsoft Publisher 2010 Advanced

Microsoft Visio 2007 Professional Advanced

Microsoft Visio 2007 Professional Foundation

Microsoft Visio 2010 Professional Advanced

Microsoft Visio 2010 Professional Foundation

Microsoft Visio 2013 Foundation

Microsoft Visio 2013 Advanced

Microsoft Windows Vista Advanced

Microsoft Windows Vista Basic

Microsoft Windows XP Foundation

Microsoft Windows XP Intermediate

Microsoft Windows 7 Advanced

Microsoft Windows 7 Basic

Microsoft Windows 7 New Features

Microsoft Word 2007 Advanced

Microsoft Word 2007 Foundation

Microsoft Word 2007 Intermediate

Microsoft Word 2010 Advanced

Microsoft Word 2010 Foundation

Microsoft Word 2010 Intermediate

Microsoft Word 2013 Foundation

Microsoft Word 2013 Intermediate

Microsoft Word 2013 Advanced

Microsoft Word 2013 VBA




Office 2007

Office 2010

Office 2007 New Features

Office 2007 Integration

Office - all versions

OneNote 2007

OneNote 2010

Outlook 2007 Advanced

Outlook 2007 Foundation

Outlook 2007 Intermediate

Outlook 2010 Advanced

Outlook 2010 Foundation

Outlook 2010 Intermediate

Outlook 2013 Foundation

Outlook 2013 Intermediate

Outlook 2013 Advanced


PowerPoint 2007 Advanced

PowerPoint 2007 Foundation Course

PowerPoint 2010 Advanced

PowerPoint 2010 Foundation Course

PowerPoint 2013 Foundation

PowerPoint 2013 Advanced

Effective Presentations

Presentations - Preparing, Developing, Delivering

Project 2007 Advanced

Project 2007 Foundation / Intermediate

Project 2010 Advanced

Project 2010 Foundation / Intermediate

Project XP / 2002 Foundation/ Intermed

Microsoft Project 2013 Foundation

Microsoft Project 2013 Foundation / Intermediate

Microsoft Project 2013 Advanced

Publisher 2007 Advanced

Publisher 2007 Foundation

Publisher 2010 Advanced

Publisher 2010 Foundation


SharePoint Designer 2007 Advanced

SharePoint Designer 2007 Basic

SharePoint Designer 2010 Advanced

SharePoint Designer 2010 Basic

SharePoint Server 2007

SharePoint Workspace

Strategic Decision Making


VBA for Access

VBA for Excel

VBA for Word

Virtual Teams

Visio 2007 Professional Advanced

Visio 2007 Professional Foundation

Visio 2010 Professional Advanced

Visio 2010 Professional Foundation

Visio 2013 Foundation

Visio 2013 Advanced


Windows 8 Advanced

Windows 8 Basic

Windows 10 Advanced

Windows 10 Basic

Windows 10 New Features

Windows 10

Windows 7 New Features

Windows Vista Advanced

Windows Vista Basic

Windows XP Foundation

Windows XP Intermediate

Word 2007 Advanced

Word 2007 Foundation

Word 2007 Intermediate

Word 2010 Advanced

Word 2010 Foundation

Word 2010 Intermediate

Word 2013 Foundation

Word 2013 Intermediate

Word 2013 Advanced

Word 2013 VBA

Word VBA

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Bespoke training in Glasgow

We tailor courses, design bespoke training and provide support and consultancy services at all levels. Contact us to discuss your particular requirements and receive a no-obligation quotation for a training solution that meets your staff training needs and your business objectives.

Bespoke onsite services can include: support and consultancy to any number of staff in a single day - one-to-one desk-side training, support and consultancy - employee development - training and support for roll-outs - effective use of in-house systems - standardisation of company templates and procedures - new-start inductions - learn new skills in the workplace - certification training competency appraisal and training - helpdesk, clinics and floor-walking - problem solving - improving productivity, standards and effectiveness - working with company templates and macros - assisting staff with their files, databases and documents
... and many other services to meet client requirements

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What Our Clients Say

"The course to say the least was brilliant ... fantastic tutor ... would recommend the company and tutor to anyone" - delegate feedback. We will certainly use you again for future needs."
Group HR Manager, International Vehicle Manufacturer

"Great feedback about the instructor and the high quality of training ... many thanks again for providing us with a truly excellent training experience."
Training Administrator, Aberdeen

"Thanks again for another course run to an excellent standard."
Office Manager, Glasgow

"Please thank the trainer for his hard work last week … so excited after the training … couldn’t wait to start implementing some of the ideas/techniques."
Administration Manager, London

"I enjoyed the course immensely, thanks again."
IT Project and Training Consultant, Oil Company

"Post course support: Thanks! Genius! Thank you so much for not only getting back to me so quickly, but for fixing the problem!"
University Department Head

"The training was fantastic, my colleagues and I really enjoyed the session and we all benefitted greatly."
Project Coordinator Stirling

"Group of Project Managers (all scientists) - MS Project - The training course was excellent."
Vice President, Pharmaceutical Company

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