Internet Training Course Outline

This 1-day training course covers a number of Internet topics and provides a thorough introduction to Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and other browsers. Students will learn how to browse the Web, check IP addresses, work with Favourites, add an RSS news feed, and use the History list. They will learn about tabbed browsing, as well as how to save, print, and zoom in on a Web page. They will also conduct searches, customize the browser environment, explore privacy and security options, and work with multimedia.

Unit 1: Introducing Internet Explorer
Topic A: Browsing the Web
Topic B: Internet basics

Unit 2: Basic Browsing
Topic A: The Favourites Centre
Topic B: Tabbed browsing
Topic C: Zooming, saving, and printing

Unit 3: Searching
Topic A: Basic searching
Topic B: Advanced searching

Unit 4: Internet Options
Topic A: Customisation
Topic B: Privacy and security
Topic C: Security

Unit 5: Multimedia
Topic A: Add-ons
Topic B: Multimedia content

Unit 6: Additional topics regularly introduced as the web, browsers, security and related technology develops.
This course can be tailored to meet client business needs; additional Internet and world wide web topics can be added where required.