Microsoft Visio 2010 Advanced Training Course Outline

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Visio Training CoursesAfter completing this 1-day course, students will know how to:
Create, assign, and customise layers; modify a drawing scale; and add and modify dimension lines.
Use themes to quickly format charts and diagrams; create themes; create and apply styles; create templates; and create drawings based on custom templates.
Enable developer mode, create complex shapes, apply behaviours to shapes, protect a shape, create master shapes and custom stencils, and define custom default actions and master shape properties.
Create block diagrams, flowcharts, organization charts, and project management diagrams, and generate a Web site map.
Integrate Visio drawings with other Office programs, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook; and work with Web-enabling features such as hyperlinks.
Create program-window prototypes and system diagrams; create database model diagrams; and reverse engineer a table from a database.
Creating technical layouts

Topic A: Layers
Creating and assigning a layer
Customizing layers
Adding custom shapes to a layer

Topic B: Drawing scales
Using and changing the drawing scale
Manually adding and adjusting shapes
Using the Shape Data window
Changing a shape’s size and position settings
Duplicating shapes

Topic C: Dimensioning
Adding and adjusting dimension connectors
Setting display units
Calculating and adjusting the area of a room

Custom themes and templates

Topic A: Themes and styles
Applying theme colors
Applying theme effects
Creating a custom theme
Creating a style
Applying style attributes

Topic B: Templates
B-1: Creating a custom template
B-2: Creating a drawing based on a template

Custom shapes and stencils

Topic A: Special drawing operations
Creating complex shapes by using basic shapes

Topic B: Shape behavior and events
Specifying a behavior for a double-click action
Adding a lock behavior to an image

Topic C: Custom stencils
Creating shapes for a stencil
Modifying a shape by using a ShapeSheet
Adding a predefined action to a shape
Adding and editing stencil shapes
Customizing stencil shapes
Saving a stencil

Business diagrams and Web site mapping

Topic A: Block, tree, and onion diagrams
Creating a block diagram

Topic B: Flowcharts
Creating a workflow diagram
Creating a cross-functional flowchart

Topic C: Organisation charts
Comparing organisation charts
Creating an organisation chart by importing data

Topic D: Project management diagrams
Creating timelines
Creating a PERT chart
Creating a Gantt chart

Topic E: Web site maps
Generating a Web site map
Viewing link information
Generating a report of Web site links

Integrating Visio with other programs

Topic A: Integration with Microsoft Word
Embedding a Visio drawing in a Word document
Linking a Word document
Using drag-and-drop

Topic B: Integration with PowerPoint
Inserting drawings in PowerPoint
Linking a presentation to a Visio drawing

Topic C: Integration with Microsoft Outlook
Creating a calendar
Importing calendar data from Outlook

Topic D: Working with Web-enabling features
Linking a Visio drawing to a Word document
Converting a drawing to a Web page

Software and database diagrams

Topic A: Documenting software systems
Drawing a program window
Drawing a system diagram

Topic B: Database model diagrams
Creating a database model diagram
Using the Reverse Engineer Wizard