Business Ethics Training Course Outline

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of business ethics. Students learn about the decision-making process to solve ethical dilemmas, understanding barriers and consequences when making ethical decisions, and the process for blowing the whistle when unethical situations arise. Course activities also cover identifying common managerial ethical issues, being proactive with ethical issues, addressing subordinates' ethical issues, identifying causes of unethical behaviour, Recognising unethical behaviour, and ending unethical behaviour in the workplace. Students will also learn about organizational ethical principles, and the four categories of corporate social responsibility. Finally, students will learn how to develop a code of ethics and execute an internal ethical audit.


Ethical decisions
Topic A: Basics of business ethics
Topic B: Making ethical decisions

Topic A: Whistle-blowing criteria and risks
Topic B: The whistle-blowing process

Managerial ethics
Topic A: Ethical management
Topic B: Subordinates' ethical issues

Unethical behaviour
Topic A: Recognising unethical behaviour
Topic B: Ending unethical behaviour

Organisational ethics
Topic A: Organisational ethics basics
Topic B: Ethical principles
Topic C: Ethical safeguards
Topic D: Corporate social responsibilities