FrontPage 2003 Intermediate Training Course Outline

This 1-day training course includes the following topics:

1). Building a Web Site 
Using a Wizard 
Web Location Options 
Designing a Web Site
2). Frames 
Working with Frames
Positioning Content
Using Dynamic Content
3). Creating Forms
Creating a Form 
Inserting Form Fields
Using the Form Page Wizard. 
Validating Forms.
Handling Form Output 
Saving the Form Results.
4). Collecting Data
Using Databases 
Customizing Tables 
5). Media and Functionality
Working with Pictures 
Adding Advanced Functions 
6). Style Sheets 
Using Style Sheets 
Basic Dynamic HTML 
Using Themes 
7). Office 2003 and FrontPage 2003
Using Word with FrontPage. 
Using Excel with FrontPage. 
Using PowerPoint and FrontPage. 
8). Programming
Editing HTML
Editing XML 
Editing ASP Code
Using the Script Editor
Using the Script Editor with JavaScript. 
Using the Built-in Visual Basic Editor. 
9). Publishing
Publishing a Web Site
Publicising a Web Site