Business Problem Solving Training Course Outline

This 1-day course teaches students the fundamentals of solving business problems. This course introduces students to the need for problem solving, ineffective responses to problems, the elements of an effective solution, and the skills needed to for effective problem solving. Students will also learn how to avoid inappropriate responses to problems, identify types of problem solvers, overcome barriers to problem solving, and identify phases of the problem-solving process. Cover activities also cover the process for generating solution options and a method for prioritising problems, the ability to identify a problem's root causes, develop and implement an effective solution, track the success of your solution, and define multiple analysis techniques and different methods to reach conclusions. Students also learn about logical and creative thinking, quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques, reasoning, and conclusions.


Problem solving basics
Topic A: Fundamentals of problem solving
Topic B: Effective problem-solving approaches

Problem solving in the corporate world
Topic A: Problem solvers
Topic B: The corporate problem-solving culture

Problem-solving process
Topic A: Identifying problems
Topic B: Committing to a solution
Topic C: Confirming problem elimination

Critical thinking and information analysis
Topic A: Critical thinking
Topic B: Quantitative analysis
Topic C: Qualitative analysis

Problem-solving teams
Topic A: Managing problem-solving teams
Topic B: Driving a successful team