Customer Relationship Management Training Course Outline

This course introduces the benefits of creating customer loyalty, developing a market intelligence enterprise, and incorporating customer relationship management in a company. Students will learn how to create customer loyalty, define the four marketing tiers, define, the four types of CRM, define the CRM process, and evaluate critical success factors. Course activities also cover the goals and cost of CRM, CRM pre-implementation strategies, the CRM implementation process, tactics used to test CRM, and ways to modify operations costs to become customer focused. Students will also learn how to manage customer relationships over the Internet, identify the characteristics of eCRM, automate processes with eCRM, and customize eCRM interfaces for each type of eCRM user.


Customer loyalty
Topic A: Customer loyalty
Topic B: Market intelligence enterprise

CRM basics
Topic A: Customer information
Topic B: A CRM program

Preparations for CRM
Topic A: CRM and expenditures
Topic B: Implementation planning

CRM implementation
Topic A: CRM implementation preparation
Topic B: The implementation process

Topic A: eCRM fundamentals
Topic B: eCRM and automation

eCRM customisation and goals
Topic A: eCRM customisation
Topic B: eCRM goal