Excellence in Service: Basic Training Course Outline

This course teaches students the basics of customer service. Students will learn how to develop and maintain a positive attitude, show extra attentiveness to customers, use customer-friendly language, and deal effectively with customer complaints and problems. Finally, students learn how to build rapport with customers, interpret non-verbal communication skills, provide quality customer service over the telephone, and communicate effectively through e-mail.


Customer service fundamentals
Topic A: Customer service and customers
Topic B: Customer interaction
Topic C: Customer expectations

Customer service skills
Topic A: Attitude and attention
Topic B: Quality of service
Topic C: Problem resolution

Customer management
Topic A: Dissatisfied customers
Topic B: Angry customers
Topic C: Upset customers
Topic D: Stress in service situations

Customer communication
Topic A: Communication fundamentals
Topic B: Interpersonal communication
Topic C: Telephone skills
Topic D: E-mail etiquette