Dreamweaver MX Foundation Training Course Outline

This 1-day training course teaches student the basic functions and features of Dreamweaver. The following outline is illustrative of the topics covered and courses can be tailored to requirements:

Unit  1 : Getting started

Topic A:  Internet basics

A-1: Discussing the Web, HTML, and XHTML

Topic B:  The Dreamweaver workspace

B-1: Identifying Dreamweaver interface components

B-2: Creating a custom workspace

B-3: Working with the Property inspector

Topic C:  Editing pages

C-1: Discussing Web page elements

C-2: Inserting and editing text

C-3: Formatting text

C-4: Adding an image

C-5: Previewing a page in a browser

Topic D:  Code tools

D-1: Exploring code tools

Unit  2 : Web sites and pages

Topic A:  Creating a Web site

A-1: Defining a site

Topic B:  Creating Web pages

B-1: Creating and titling Web pages

B-2: Importing text

B-3: Setting page properties

B-4: Setting a default text color

Unit  3 : Text formatting

Topic A:  Text basics

A-1: Changing line breaks to paragraph breaks

A-2: Inserting special characters and spaces

Topic B:  Structure

B-1: Creating headings

B-2: Creating lists

Topic C:  Cascading Style Sheets

C-1: Discussing style sheets

C-2: Creating and attaching an external style sheet

C-3: Defining element styles

C-4: Creating class styles

C-5: Creating pseudo-element styles

Unit  4 : Tables

Topic A:  Create tables

A-1: Creating a table

A-2: Creating a nested table

Topic B:  Table structure and formatting

B-1: Formatting rows

B-2: Adding columns and rows and formatting cells

Topic C:  Column widths and cell properties

C-1: Working with fixed and variable widths

C-2: Customizing cell properties

Topic D:  Layout tables

D-1: Creating a layout table

D-2: Working with layout cells

D-3: Adding content to a layout table

Unit  5 : Images

Topic A:  Image formats and tags

A-1: Discussing image formats

A-2: Inserting images

A-3: Modifying image properties

Topic B:  Background images

B-1: Applying a background image

Unit  6 : Links

Topic A:  Creating links

A-1: Creating a link to a page in your site

A-2: Creating and linking to a named anchor

A-3: Creating external links and e-mail links

Topic B:  Image maps

B-1: Creating an image map

Topic C:  Link styles

C-1: Applying link styles

Unit  7 : Publishing

Topic A:  Site checks

A-1: Exploring Map view

A-2: Checking page size and download time

A-3: Checking links and cloaking files

A-4: Validating code

Topic B:  Web site publishing