Microsoft Excel 2007 Power User Training Course Outline

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Excel Training CoursesThis one-day course builds on the skills and concepts taught in Excel 2007: Advanced.

This course teaches advanced users of Excel more complex formulas, functions, and arrays, and covers more advanced editing and formatting options, such as using commands to copy validations and link data.
Students will learn about various analysis tools such as Wizards, problem models, and methods for correlating data. Finally, they will learn advanced customisation techniques by changing default settings and automating selected features. Contact us for further details.

Course contents:
Advanced formulas, functions, and arrays
Text functions
Date and time functions
Information functions
Array formulas

Advanced editing and formatting
The Paste Special command
The Go To Special dialog box
Merging styles
Additional chart formatting

Analysing and sharing information
Wizard add-ins
Solver models and reports
Statistical analysis tools
Embedding and linking

Advanced customization
Popular and Save options
Formulas options
Automating Excel
Advanced options
Bespoke Excel Power User courses
We can design a Power User course to cover specialised Excel topics that meet your particular business needs. Expert and specialised courses and consultancy sessions can include many topics ranging from business modelling to arrays to Monte Carlo simulation.  Contact us to discuss.