Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 Training Course Outline

SharePoint Training CoursesThis 1-day course teaches the core features and functions of SharePoint Designer 2007. Students will learn how to create and apply templates, control layout and spacing, create and apply style sheets, and apply IDs and classes. They will also insert, modify, and arrange images, create links and navigation bars, and insert and format tables. Finally, they will learn how to prepare a Web site for publishing.

Course objectives

Discuss basic Internet, Intranet and Web concepts, identify components of the SharePoint Designer interface, make basic adjustments to Web pages, and select elements.
Plan the design and structure of a site, create a new one-page site and add folders and pages to it, create and edit a template, and apply a template to existing pages.
Import content into a page from an external document, convert line breaks to paragraph breaks, insert non-breaking spaces and symbols, apply structural tags, create lists, create an external style sheet, and establish element and class styles.
Define content sections; create and apply ID styles; apply margins, padding, and borders to an element; create a two-column layout; and clear an element to prevent it from wrapping around a floated section.
Discuss image file formats, adjust basic image properties, apply alternate text to an image, and arrange images relative to adjacent content.
Create links, link bars, e-mail links, and bookmarks, customize link styles, create image maps, and link hotspots to bookmarks.
Insert and format tables and table cells, insert and format rows and columns, create table captions, and work with nested tables in a table-based layout.
Check for spelling errors and broken hyperlinks throughout a site, identify options associated with publishing sites, and connect to a server by using FTP.

Course contents

Getting started
Internet basics
The SharePoint Designer workspace
Page editing
Web sites
Site planning basics
Creating a Web site
Text formatting
Text basics
Structural formatting
Cascading Style Sheets
Web page layout
Basic CSS layout
Basic layout techniques
Image formats and properties
Working with images
Basic hyperlinks
Link styles
Image maps
Working with tables
Table-based layouts
Proofing tools
Web site publishing