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PowerPoint Training CourseThis one-day course builds on the skills and concepts taught in PowerPoint 2007: Basic. Students will customize PowerPoint by modifying the Quick Access Toolbar and creating macros. They will also apply themes and templates, and they will work with SmartArt graphics and tables. Students will add multimedia content and interactive elements to slides, and they will learn about presentation distribution options including PDF and HTML. Finally, students will integrate PowerPoint with Word and Excel. Designated as Approved Courseware. For comprehensive certification training, students should complete PowerPoint 2007: Basic and Advanced.  Contact us for further details.


Course objectives

Customize the Quick Access toolbar; create and apply a custom design theme; create a custom template and apply it to a new presentation; and modify a presentation by creating duplicate slide masters, editing a title master, applying different slide masters, and renaming a slide master.
Modify a clip art image by cropping it and changing its color scheme; add sound and movie clips to a presentation; apply animation effects to slide elements; and create a photo album presentation to display photographs.
Format an IGX Graphic by making changes to associate objects, and create a custom table by drawing a table and formatting it.
Add interactive elements to a slide by adding action buttons and modifying them, and create customized slide shows by using the Custom Shows dialog box.
Review a presentation by using Comments; prepare to share a presentation by using the commands in the File, Prepare menu; share a presentation by using the commands in the File, Publish menu; and save a presentation as a Web page.
Create a presentation by using a Word outline; add content to a slide by embedding or linking content from a Word document or an Excel worksheet; and create a link on a slide to other content by creating a hyperlink to a Word document or an Excel worksheet.

Course contents

Custom presentation options
Application settings
Custom themes
Custom templates
Advanced slide master techniques
Graphic and multimedia content
Modifying clip art
Media clips
Photo albums
Customizing SmartArt graphics and tables
Customizing SmartArt graphics
Customizing tables
Action buttons and custom slide shows
Interactive elements
Custom slide shows
Distributing a presentation
Finishing a presentation
Distributing a presentation
Publish as a Web page
Integrating Microsoft Office files
Build slides from a Word outline
Embed and link content
Documents linked with hyperlinks

Before taking this course, you should be familiar with personal computers and the use of a keyboard and a mouse. Furthermore, this course assumes that you've completed the PowerPoint 2007: Basic course or have equivalent experience.

Target Audience

Thetarget student for this course should be comfortable using a personal computer and Microsoft Windows. You also need to know the basics of using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. You will get the most out of this course if your goal is to become proficient using PowerPoint's advanced features to create enhanced presentations.

Certification Track

For comprehensive training, you should complete both of the following courses: PowerPoint 2007: Basic and PowerPoint 2007: Advanced.
Presentation tips
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