Presentations - preparing, developing and delivering
Training Course Outline

Mastering software such as PowerPoint is important but will not give anyone the vital skills and expertise necessary for developing and delivering an effective presentation.  Learning about the software alone is a bit like learning how to play chess by only learning the way chess pieces move without understanding the strategy involved.

This one-day course goes beyond the technology and covers the methods, techniques and psychological principles involved in developing and delivering effective presentations. 

Course contents

Introduction to public speaking
Public speaking
Preparing your presentation
The presentation process
Presentation purpose
Audience analysis
Presentation structure
Developing your presentation
The conclusion
The introduction
The body
Rehearsal techniques
Delivering your presentation
Gearing up
Personal motivation
Rapport and credibility
Voice and body techniques
Using humour and visual aids
The question-and-answer session
Visual aids
Using what you’ve learned
The implementation phase
Resources and tools
Colours and PowerPoint
Colours in presentations
Microsoft PowerPoint

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