Effective Presentations Training Course Outline

Mastering software such as PowerPoint is important but this alone will not give anyone the vital skills and expertise necessary for developing and delivering an effective presentation.  Learning about only the software is a bit like learning how to play chess by only learning the way chess pieces move without understanding the strategy involved.

This one-day course goes beyond the technology and covers the methods, techniques and psychological principles involved in developing and delivering effective presentations.

Bespoke Presentations and PowerPoint Training Courses

Topics from the Effective Presentations course are often included in Bespoke courses with topics selected from the topics listed below.

A one-day course could, for example, cover topics from the Foundation and Advanced courses to create a course at Intermediate level. Any topics not listed can also be included.

After the Advanced course, a bespoke course could cover presentation preparation, design, techniques and methods and be run as a workshop to give delegates experience of deisgning and delivering their own presentations.

Presentations Course Topics

Fundamentals of presentation
Effective presentations
Understanding effective presentations
Understanding different types of presentations
Planning a presentation
Establishing objectives
Determining objectives
Making realistic objectives

Audience analysis and supporting material
Audience analysis
Analysing the audience
Supporting materials
Selecting supporting materials
Understanding the types of supporting material
Exploring retention and visual aids

Building presentations
Build presentations
Building the presentation
Develop an introduction
Developing the introduction
Capturing the attention of the audience
Organise the body of the presentation
Organising the body of the presentation
Using transitions
Effective conclusion
Creating the conclusion
Closing the presentation

Presentation mechanics
Visual aids
Introducing visual aids
Using different types of visual aids
Understand visual aids
Displaying visual aids
Creating visual aids

Presentation process
Extemporaneous speaking
Understanding the presentation process
Preparation for speaking
Reducing the fear of speaking
Using warm-up routines
Deliver a presentation
Using different aspects of voice
Nonverbal communication
Using nonverbal communication aids
Maintaining a focus on the audience

Question-and-answer session
Handle questions effectively
Handling questions
Understanding the question-and-answer session
Handle challenging questions
Handling challenging questions
Handling challenging audience

Fundamentals of persuasion
Understand persuasion
Understanding persuasion
Analysing the audience
Motivating the audience
Making claims
Organise a persuasive presentation
Creating a persuasive introduction
Understanding the body of a persuasive presentation
Methods of persuasion
Using different methods of persuasion

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