Publisher 2007 Advanced Training Course Outline

Publisher Training CourseThis 1-day course builds on the skills and concepts taught in Publisher 2007: Basic. Students will learn how to control colors and gradients, create and apply styles, work with WordArt objects, and apply section page numbers and bookmarks. They will also learn how to create and manage mail merge lists, prepare mailing labels, apply Web templates and forms, and create and publish a Web site.



Course objectives

Create a brochure, create a business information set, change the color scheme for a publication, create tint swatches and gradients, use the Content Library to add and insert items, and use the Graphics Manager pane to link and replace pictures.
Work with styles, change a font scheme, create WordArt objects, create a type mask, wrap text around an image, snap text to a baseline guide, distribute text horizontally, and insert symbols and special characters.
Create sections in a publication, apply section page numbers, and insert and use bookmarks.
Create a recipient list for a mail merge, prepare mailing labels, connect to a recipient list, sort and filter a recipient list, add mail merge fields to a publication, and create a merged publication.
Apply a Web template, insert form input fields, set form properties, and label form elements.
Preview a Web publication in a browser, convert a print publication to a Web publication, check for common Web page errors and omissions, add alternative text to an image, create hyperlinks, insert a navigation bar, apply a site description and keywords, and publish a Web site from within Publisher.

Course contents

Basic design options
Publication setup
Custom colors
The Content Library
The Graphics Manager pane
Styles and font schemes
Graphics in typography
Precise spacing control
Symbols and special characters
Long publications
Mail merge
Recipient lists
Mailing labels
The Mail Merge pane
Mail merge fields
Merged publications
Interactive forms
Web forms
Form settings
Web site publishing
Web elements
Web page options
Web site publishing