Publisher 2013 Advanced Training Course Outline

Publisher Training CourseThis 1-day course builds on the skills and concepts taught in Publisher 2013: Basic. The topics listed can be changed and others added to suit your training requirements and business needs.



Course contents

1: Using Styles, Templates and Master Pages
Working with Styles
Creating a New Style from an Existing Format
Creating a New Style from Scratch
Applying Styles
Modifying Styles and Updating the Publication
Clearing formatting
Designing Templates
Creating a Template
Using a Template
Modifying a Template
Master Pages
Two-Page Master
Creating a New Master Page
Controlling Master Pages

2: Enhancing the Publication
Working with Lists
Adding Standard Bullets to Lists
Customizing Bullets
Using Styles to Create Bullet Formats
Creating a Numbered List
Removing Bullets and Numbering
Inserting a Symbol at the End of an Article
Adding Lines As a Design Element
Drawing a Plain Line or Arrow
Modifying a Line or an Arrow
Constraining a Line
Adding a Drop Cap to Text

3: Spacing Your Publication
Refining Spacing
Adjusting Tracking
Adjusting Kerning
Adjusting Vertical Spacing
Nudging Objects
Snapping Objects to Ruler Marks, Guides and Other Objects
Placing Text
Breaking Lines
Modifying Hyphenation
Inserting Nonbreaking Spaces and Hyphens

4: Creating Special Effects
Manipulating Graphics
Wrapping Text around a Graphic
Creating a Custom Text Wrap
Layering Graphics and Text
Making an Object Transparent or Opaque
Using Building Blocks
Page Parts
Borders & Accents
Importing Objects
Inserting Objects Created in Other Applications
Modifying OLE Objects
Updating a Link

 5: Using Colour Effectively
Adding Full Colour Effects
Colouring Text
Applying Tints and Shading to Text
Colouring Objects
Applying Patterns or Gradients
Copying an Existing Colour from One Object to Another
Creating Colour Bleeds
Applying Shades of Grey
Colour Schemes
Font Schemes
Using a Printing Service
Understanding Colour Printing Processes
Setting Up the Publication for Outside Printing
Using Pack and Go