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Publisher Training Course

This 1-day course teaches the core features and functions of all versions of Publisher. Students will learn how to create and edit publications, arrange text and pictures, work with master pages, and create and format tables.

The topics listed can be changed and others added to suit your training requirements and business needs.


Course objectives

  1. Identify the components of the Publisher interface, customise the workspace, and get help using Publisher.
  2. Create a new publication, set margin guides and units of measurement, insert and edit text and graphics, create and apply custom colors, and position elements precisely.
  3. Create a facing-pages layout, insert pages, move items between publications, and work with master pages.
  4. Flow text between text boxes, create continuation notices, apply tab stops, leaders, indents, bullets, and keep settings, and format paragraphs.
  5. Create and modify tables, rows, and columns, position content within table cells, apply color fills, adjust cell border attributes, insert images in table cells, and edit an Excel file directly in Publisher.
  6. Arrange text in text boxes, format text box frames, add columns to text boxes, control text wrapping, modify picture frames, adjust the stacking order of page elements, and group and ungroup items.
  7. Print publications and export publications to PDF format, check spelling, run design checks, and prepare publications for commercial printing.

Course contents

1: Getting Started
Laying out a New Publication
Using a Template
The Publisher Window
Using the Zoom Feature
Saving, Closing and Opening a Publication
Publications with more than one page
Using Help

 2: Working from a Blank Page
Opening a Blank Publication
Layout and Ruler Guides
Working with Objects
Working with Pictures
The Align Feature
Cutting, Copying and Pasting Objects
Deleting Objects 

3: Working with Text
Working with Text
Creating a Text Box
Manipulating Text Boxes
Formatting Text
Formatting Text Boxes
Adding Pages to your Publication
Viewing a Two-Page Spread

4: Special Text Tools
Create WordArt
The WordArt Effects
Special Effects in WordArt
Working with Tables
Adding Text to Table Cells
Formatting a Table