Microsoft Project 2007 Advanced Training Course Outline

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Project Training CoursesThis 1-day training Project course builds on the concepts and skills taught in Project 2007 Foundation/Intermediate

Topics include baseline and interim plans, analysis of project statistics, project file formatting, custom views, and file consolidation.

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Course contents

Tracking project work
Topic A: Managing a project
Topic B: Updating the progress of tasks
Topic C: Observing project progress
Analysing and adjusting the plan
Topic A: Analysing the plan
Topic B: Rescheduling tasks

Formatting and reporting
Topic A: Formatting a project file
Topic B: Using drawing tools
Topic C: Printing views and reports
Topic D: Customizing reports
Topic E: Visual reports

Customising the project environment
Topic A: Creating custom views
Topic B: Creating macros
Topic C: Creating a toolbar and a menu
Topic D: Creating a custom table

Managing multiple projects
Topic A: Consolidating and sharing projects
Topic B: Sharing resources across projects
Project communications
Topic A: Communicating among a project team
Topic B: Working with hyperlinks

Exchanging project data
Topic A: Importing data
Topic B: Exporting data
Topic C: Copying data