Business Contact Manager (BCM) for Outlook Training Course Outline

Business Contact Manager (BCM) for Outlook adds contact management capabilities to Microsoft Office Outlook 2013, 2010 and 2007, so you can more easily manage contact information and sales and marketing activities all in one place. Office Outlook 2013, 2010 and 2007 with Business Contact Manager provides new capabilities that help you organise all your customer information, manage sales leads, track marketing activities, and centralise project information in the familiar Office Outlook environment.

The following is an outline of the BCM 2010 course. BCM for Outlook 2013 covers a similar range of topics.

Students should have attended the Outlook courses from Foundation to Advanced level or have knowledge of the topics covered.

BCM for Outlook 2010 Course contents:
Unit 1        Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010?
What is Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010?
Get your business records into Business Contact Manager
Manually enter data into Business Contact Manager forms
Move or copy Outlook contacts into Business Contact Manager
Move or copy Outlook contacts to Business Contact Manager
Run your business with Business Contact Manager
Set up Business Contact Manager for your business
Get familiar with Business Contact Manager features and options
More features
Set options and use features in Business Contact Manager (the Backstage view)
Get help with Business Contact Manager
Unit 2        Try Business Contact Manager with sample data
Hands on experience working with a sample business database
Unit 3        Use the workspaces
Master your Business Contact Manager workspaces
The elements of a Business Contact Manager workspace
Use and modify the Business Contact Manager workspaces
The tabs area
Modify the Reading/Preview Pane
How record types work together in Business Contact Manager
Master your Business Contact Manager workspaces
Use records in Business Contact Manager
Work with records
Unit 4        Contact Management
Store information about your Accounts in Business Contact Manager
Manage your potential customers or leads in Business Contact Manager
Create Leads
Create leads from e-mail messages or by importing
Create an Opportunity record
Edit an Opportunity record
Mark an Opportunity as closed
Track the tasks that are required to close or win an Opportunity
Manage your Products and Services in Business Contact Manager
Manage your potential customers or leads in Business Contact Manager
Qualify, or score, Leads
Create and launch a mass e-mail or direct mail print marketing activity
Track or analyze marketing activities
Create and use Call Lists in Business Contact Manager
Unit 5        How to – carry out various tasks
Unit 6        Use Business Contact Manager records
Link records and Outlook items
Track communications
Link and track e-mail messages in Business Contact Manager
Use phone logs in Business Contact Manager
Unit 7        Advanced course topics
Information about the Advanced course and links to resources.
Backup and restore
Chart and report data
Import and export
Share data
Stay productive when you're out of the office
Manage your database

Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007 course topics are a selection taken from the following:
1.       Installing Business Contact Manager
Installing and Updating Business Contact Manager
Managing Databases
2.       Working with Business Contacts and Accounts
Working with Business Contacts
Working with Accounts
Linking Business Contacts and Accounts
Adding Additional Information for Accounts and Business Contacts
Adding Communication History Items
3.       Viewing Your Data
Business Contact Manager Home
Understanding Views
Customizing Your Views
4.      Categorizing Business Contacts, Accounts, and Opportunities
Creating and Editing Categories
Categorizing Database Items
5.      Finding Your Data
Simple Searches
Using the Query Builder
Applying Filters
Working with Search Folders
6.      Managing Your Calendar and Tasks
Viewing and Navigating the Calendar
Linking Appointments with Business Contacts and Opportunities
Adding Appointment Details
Categorizing Activities
Finding Activities
Working with Tasks
7.       Opportunity Management
Adding and Removing Opportunities
Adding Communication History Items
Viewing Opportunities
Managing Products and Services
8.       Writing Letters and Campaigns
Creating a Mail Merge in Microsoft Word
Implementing Marketing Campaigns
9.       E-mail
Sending e-mails to a Business Contact
10.   Managing Projects
Creating a Project
Working with Project Tasks
Tracking Business Projects
11.   Reports
Basic Reports
Working with Reports
Customizing a Report
12.   Creating a Dashboard
Viewing Your Dashboards
Customizing Your Dashboard
13.   Customizing Your Database
Adding New Fields to Forms
Modifying Placement of Custom Fields
Managing Drop-Down Fields
14.   Offline Databases
Creating an Offline Database
15.   Database Maintenance
Import and Export
Sending Data Between Outlook and Business Contact Manager
Backup and Restore
Database Maintenance

The above outlines are indicative of the course topics and will be adapted to suit client needs. Contact us for details.