Microsoft Office 2007 Integration Training Course Outline

This one-day course is designed to give students proficiency in using those features that are shared across the Office 2007 suite, as well as how to use Office programs in combination with each other. For example, students will embed Excel data in PowerPoint, link Access data to an Excel file, use a Word outline to create a presentation, and import Access data into Outlook. They will also learn how to use proofing tools, publish Office documents to the Web, and work with XML data.

Prerequisites: Windows XP: Basic, Word 2007: Basic, Excel 2007: Basic, PowerPoint 2007: Basic, Access 2007: Basic, and Outlook 2007: Basic, or equivalent experience.

This course includes the following topics:
Unit 1 : Shared Office features
Topic A: Proofing tools
A-1: Adding words to the shared custom dictionary
A-2: Working with AutoCorrect
Topic B: Clipboard
B-1: Collecting multiple items
B-2: Creating a presentation from collected items
Topic C: Graphics
C-1: Inserting clip art
C-2: Creating a SmartArt graphic
C-3: Copying and modifying the SmartArt graphic

Unit 2 : Embedded content
Topic A: Embedding content
A-1: Embedding a document as an object
A-2: Editing an embedded object
A-3: Dragging to embed a document
A-4: Embedding specific content
Topic B: Creating scrap files
B-1: Creating a worksheet scrap file on the desktop
B-2: Embedding a scrap file object in a document

Unit 3 : Linked content
Topic A: Linking content
A-1: Linking a document as an object
A-2: Using Paste Special to create a link
A-3: Using Paste Options to link Excel content
A-4: Linking Access data to an Excel file
A-5: Retrieving specific data from an Access database
Topic B: Manipulating linked content
B-1: Editing linked objects
B-2: Editing linked Excel content in a Word document
B-3: Editing linked Access data

Unit 4 : Office document integration
Topic A: Documents linked with hyperlinks
A-1: Creating a hyperlink
A-2: Using Paste as Hyperlink
Topic B: Documents based on other documents
B-1: Creating a presentation from a Word outline
B-2: Exporting Excel data to a text file
B-3: Importing a text file into an Excel workbook
B-4: Exporting a Word document as a PDF file
Topic C: SharePoint Services
C-1: Discussing the Document Workspace
C-2: Discussing the Meeting Workspace

Unit 5 : Web features
Topic A: Web pages
A-1: Previewing a Word document as a Web page
A-2: Saving a document as a Web page
A-3: Editing an HTML document in Word
A-4: Publishing an Excel workbook as a Web page
A-5: Publishing a presentation for the Web
Topic B: Web hyperlinks
B-1: Inserting and editing hyperlinks

Unit 6 : Outlook integration
Topic A: Documents and e-mail
A-1: Sending a Word document as an attachment
A-2: Sending a Word document in the body of a message
A-3: Sending an Excel worksheet for review
A-4: Replying to a review request
A-5: Viewing the reviewer’s comments
Topic B: Journal integration
B-1: Recording Word document usage manually
B-2: Using the timer to track file usage
Topic C: Address book integration
C-1: Creating contacts by importing an Access database
C-2: Using a Contacts folder in a mail merge
Topic D: Smart tags and Outlook integration
D-1: Inserting an address using smart tags
D-2: Adding a new contact from Word
D-3: Opening your Calendar from a Word document

Unit 7 : XML integration
Topic A: Exporting and importing XML data
A-1: Using the XML Source pane
A-2: Importing XML data into a workbook
A-3: Exporting data from a workbook to an XML data file
A-4: Deleting an XML map