Microsoft Visio 2007 Professional Basic Training Course Outline

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Visio Training CoursesThis 1-day training course covers the following topics:

Unit 1:The Visio environment

Topic A: Visio basics
Creating a drawing
Examining the work area
Using Visio Help

Topic B: Navigating in Visio
Opening a Visio drawing
Changing view settings
Navigating among drawing pages

Topic C: Using windows and stencils
Manipulating stencils

Topic D: Manipulating objects
Selecting and moving objects
Scaling and resizing an object
Saving and closing a drawing

Unit 2: Drawing tools

Topic A:Basic shapes and lines
Drawing basic shapes
Creating lines and arcs
Reshaping an arc

Topic B:Compound lines
Creating a freeform line
Creating a compound line with the Line and Arc tools
Creating a compound line with the Pencil tool
Manipulating compound lines

Topic C:Editing objects
Duplicating objects
Aligning objects
Distributing objects
Grouping objects
Rotating an object

Unit 3:Basic diagrams

Topic A: Planning your diagram
Discussing diagram planning

Topic B:Creating a basic diagram
Adding shapes
Connecting shapes
Using connector shapes

Topic C:Working with text
Creating and editing a text block
Adding paragraph text
Adding text to shapes
Adding text to connectors
Adjusting shape text
Rotating text

Topic D:Working with organization charts
Creating an organization chart
Changing the layout of an organization chart

Unit 4:Formatting drawings

Topic A: Formatting text
Formatting text by using toolbars
Formatting text by using the Text dialog box

Topic B: Formatting text blocks
Formatting a text block
Applying paragraph formatting to a text block
Adding bullets to a text block

Topic C: Formatting shapes and lines
Formatting a shape
Customizing a shape
Using the Fill and Shadow dialog boxes
Formatting multiple shapes
Adding fill and line attributes to a text block

Unit 5: Working with pages

Topic A: Creating and setting up a drawing
Creating a drawing and setting file properties
Defining printer settings and page size
Setting page properties

Topic B: Working with background pages
Creating a background page
Adding fields to a background page
Applying a background page
Editing a background page

Topic C: Working with links
Adding a page link
Adding a hyperlink
Linking multiple files to a shape
Linking to an Excel file

Topic D: Printing diagrams
Adding a header in Print Preview
Printing a diagram

Unit 6: Network and brainstorming diagrams

Topic A: Network diagrams
Using topology shapes in a network diagram
Adding a control handle
Adding and connecting topology shapes
Moving shape text

Topic B: Rack diagrams
Creating a rack diagram

Topic C: Brainstorming diagrams
Creating a brainstorming diagram
Exporting a brainstorming diagram to an XML file
Importing XML data into a brainstorming diagram

Unit 7: Introduction to advanced features

Topic A: Advanced layout and connection techniques
Using guides
Adding connection points
Selecting objects by type
Connecting shapes to new connection points
Changing Snap & Glue settings

Topic B: Custom properties
Adding custom properties to shapes
Creating custom property sets
Applying user-defined custom properties

Topic C: Reporting
Creating a report
Running a report
Updating a report
Formatting a Visio Table Report shape