Dreamweaver MX Advanced Training Course Outline

This 1-day training course teaches student the advanced functions and features of Dreamweaver. The following outline is illustrative of the topics covered and courses can be tailored to requirements:

Prerequisites: Dreamweaver : Basic or equivalent experience

Unit 1 : CSS layout

Topic A:  Overview of style sheets

A-1: Discussing style sheets

Topic B:  Page layout

B-1: Discussing page layout options

B-2: Linking a page to an external style sheet

B-3: Defining document sections

B-4: Editing CSS rules

B-5: Creating and applying an ID style

Unit 2 : Site assets

Topic A:  Library assets

A-1: Creating and inserting a library item

A-2: Updating a library item

A-3: Creating and inserting a snippet

Topic B:  Server-side includes

B-1: Creating a server-side include

B-2: Adding a server-side include

B-3: Editing a server-side include

Topic C:  Page templates

C-1: Creating a template

C-2: Applying a page template

Topic D:  Head elements

D-1: Discussing head elements

D-2: Examining a document’s head section

D-3: Editing a head element

D-4: Defining keywords for your site

D-5: Creating a description of your site

Unit 3 : Forms

Topic A:  Form objects

A-1: Creating a form

A-2: Inserting text fields into a form

A-3: Adding a list box and a menu

A-4: Adding check boxes and radio buttons

A-5: Inserting submit and reset buttons

Topic B:  Form accessibility

B-1: Observing the default tab order

B-2: Setting the tab order

Unit 4 : Rollovers and behaviors

Topic A:  Rollovers

A-1: Creating a navigation bar with rollover images

Topic B:  Behaviors

B-1: Applying the Swap Image behavior

B-2: Applying the Open Browser Window behavior

B-3: Exploring Dreamweaver extensions

Unit 5 : AP elements

Topic A:  AP Divs

A-1: Inserting AP Divs

Topic B:  Working with AP Divs

B-1: Manipulating AP Divs

B-2: Setting visibility

B-3: Controlling visibility dynamically

Unit 6 : Multimedia

Topic A:  Flash elements

A-1: Inserting a Flash button

A-2: Inserting Flash text

Topic B:  Multimedia content

B-1: Inserting Flash content

B-2: Inserting a FlashPaper document

B-3: Inserting a Windows Media Player movie

B-4: Inserting a QuickTime movie

Topic C:  Timelines

C-1: Creating a timeline animation

Unit 7 : Working with XML

Topic A:  XML and XSLT

A-1: Converting an HTML page to an XSLT page

A-2: Binding XML data to an XSLT page

Topic B:  Manipulation of XML data

B-1: Creating a repeat region

B-2: Creating a dynamic link

B-3: Attaching an XSLT file to an XML document

Unit 8 : Collaboration and publishing

Topic A:  Collaboration

A-1: Checking files in and out

A-2: Adding a Design Note

Topic B:  Compatibility testing

B-1: Checking for browser-specific errors

Topic C:  Accessibility