Advanced Interpersonal Communication Training Course Outline

This course teaches students about interpersonal communication styles and techniques. Students learn how to ask and answer questions, use nonverbal communication, give feedback, and empower employees. Students also learn how to communicate with individuals who hold different positions in an organisation, such as peers, supervisors, subordinates, and customers/vendors. Course activities also cover promoting ideas, handling negotiations, and dealing with human resource issues. Students identify an organisation's culture, discuss how communication can perpetuate a culture, define a cultural network, and explore ways to take advantage of a cultural network.
Communication styles and methods
Topic A: Communication styles
Topic B: Verbal and nonverbal communication

First impression and building rapport
Topic A: The importance of first impression
Topic B: Communicating to build rapport
Topic C: Building positive relationships

Building relationships through feedback
Topic A: Importance of providing feedback
Topic B: Providing feedback

Topic A: Understanding supervisor styles
Topic B: Handling human resource issues

Colleagues and subordinates
Topic A: Communicating with colleagues
Topic B: Communicating with subordinates

Customers and vendors
Topic A: Communicating with customers
Topic B: Communicating with vendors

Organisational culture
Topic A: Understanding organisational cultures
Topic B: Cultural networks
Topic C: Managing physical culture
Topic D: Managing emotional culture