Introduction to Computing Training Course Outline

This 1-day training course is aimed at people with little or no knowledge of computers. Courses tailored to business needs and trainees' requirements. Ideal for people who have just been moved into a job where they have to use PCs or for people who need a refresher on the basics of computing and commonly used tasks such as word processing, spreadsheets, Windows, Internet and email.

Onsite training allows trainees to work with their own laptops, desktop PCs and files in a familiar environment to ensure they acquire the skills that are directly relevant to their work. This format has proven to be particularly effective and enables trainees to "hit the ground running" after the course.
The course will introduce the trainee to computers and give an understanding of a laptop, PC, a network, the method of storing data created on the computer and the folder structure required for files. Delegates are also given an insight into and hands-on experience of Excel, Word, Internet Explorer and Outlook. Addition topics can be added to meet clients particular training and business needs.
Participant Profile and Pre-requisites

This course is aimed at delegates with no prior knowledge or experience of computers.

Course Content

The course is very much "hands on" and includes a series of modules. The topics covered in each module are laid out below but there will be a high degree of flexibility to help meet business operational requirements and delegates’ particular training needs.
The PC / Laptop:
Explanation of Hardware, Software and general use of the equipment.
Loading windows
Using the mouse
Menus and toolbars
The Desktop
Explanation of a network
Introduction to Windows Explorer:
Folder structure - Copying files - Using floppy disks
Exiting Windows and turning off your pc
Saving a document
Microsoft Word:
Opening a document
Editing a document
Printing a document
Creating a workbook
Saving a workbook
Opening a workbook
Basic formula: - addition - subtraction - multiplication - division
Printing a workbook
A brief explanation of the Internet and email (including Outlook where appropriate)
Additional topics introduced where beneficial and courses tailored to requirements