Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 Advanced Training Course Outline

SharePoint Training CoursesThis 1-day course builds on the skills and concepts taught in SharePoint Designer 2007: Basic. Students will learn how to create dynamic components, work with multimedia files, create interactive content, design with layers, and create tables and forms. Students will also learn the basics of data-driven Web sites, and they'll learn how to fix typical Web site problems.

Course objectives

Create a dynamic date and time stamp, create a site map, insert Flash animations, Windows Media Player files, and QuickTime movies, and set their display properties.
Create basic rollovers, apply behaviours, specify the events and actions that comprise behaviours, create custom rollovers, and apply the Swap Images behaviour to create rollovers and disjoint rollovers.
Create layers and assign IDs, position layers, control the stacking order of layers, set specific values to position a layer precisely, control layer visibility, and create dynamic layers.
Create layout tables and layout cells to build a page layout, draw layout cells, create a fluid layout, and apply basic formatting options to layout tables and cells.
Create forms and insert and modify a variety of input fields, apply validation rules to text fields and option buttons, and test the validations to verify their functionality.
Identify the functionality and advantages of dynamic Web sites, discuss the basics of database connectivity and Web Parts, identify basic concepts regarding the applications students can create by using Web Parts, and apply an XML data source to a Web page.
Apply basic search engine optimization, insert description and keyword meta tags, check for browser compatibility problems, apply the Check Browser behaviour, remove unlinked files from a site, and use the Accessibility pane to locate, understand, and fix accessibility problems.

Course contents

Web components and multimedia
Web components
Interactive content
Interactive buttons
Creating layers
Layer visibility
Layout tables
Creating layout tables
Working with layout tables
Web Forms
Creating forms
Input validation
Data-driven pages
Introduction to dynamic pages
Web Parts
Data Views
Site management
Basic search engine optimization
Compatibility testing