FrontPage 2003 Foundation Training Course Outline

This course includes the following topics:

1). Introduction to FrontPage 2003
What is FrontPage 2003?
Creating new Pages
Page Properties
2). The FrontPage 2003 Interface
FrontPage 2003 workspace
Changing Windows
3). Toolbars
The Standard Toolbar
The Formatting Toolbar
4). Text
Working with Text
Adding text
Editing text
Creating Bulleted lists
5). Working with colors
Picking colors
Using the Color dialog box
6). Images
Working with images
Adding images
Using Jpg files
Using Gif files
7). Links
Using Hyperlinks
Using Email Links
8). Tables and Cells
Working with Tables
Working with Cells
9). Productivity
Working With Web Pages
Using text and Graphics
Linking Pages
10). PublishingPublishing a Site