Microsoft Visio 2010 Professional Basic Course Outline

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Visio Training CoursesAfter completing this 1-day course, students will know how to:

Navigate in a file, change view settings, identify interface components, use Visio Help; work with windows and stencils; and select, scale, and resize objects.
Draw and reshape objects; work with compound lines; duplicate objects; and align, distribute, group, and rotate objects.
Plan a flowchart; use master shapes; connect shapes in a diagram; work with text; and create a simple organisation chart.
Format text and text blocks, control attributes including font size, text colour, margins, alignment, and line spacing, apply style themes and effects, and format shapes and lines.
Set file, page, and print properties; use Print Preview; create print headers and footers; print a drawing; work with background pages; use fields to display information; and create hyperlinks.
Create network, rack, and brainstorming diagrams, and import and export data.
Use guides to precisely align and glue shapes, add new connection points to a shape, set properties for shapes, create and apply custom properties, create and run reports, format a report table, and update a report.

Unit 1: Getting started
The Visio 2010 interface
Windows, stencils, and objects
Unit 2: Drawing tools
Topic A: Basic shapes and lines
Drawing basic shapes
Creating lines and arcs
Reshaping an arc

Topic B:Compound lines
Creating a freeform line
Creating a compound line with the Line and Arc tools
Creating a compound line with the Pencil tool
Manipulating compound lines

Topic C:Editing objects
Duplicating objects
Aligning objects
Distributing objects
Grouping objects
Rotating an object

Unit 3:Basic diagrams
Topic A: Planning your diagram
Discussing diagram planning

Topic B: Creating a basic diagram
Adding shapes
Connecting shapes
Using connector shapes

Topic C: Working with text
Creating and editing a text block
Adding paragraph text
Adding text to shapes
Adding text to connectors
Adjusting shape text
Rotating text

Topic D: Working with organization charts
Creating an organization chart
Changing the layout of an organization chart

Unit 4:Formatting drawings
Topic A: Formatting text
Formatting text by using toolbars
Formatting text by using the Text dialog box

Topic B: Formatting text blocks and lines
Formatting a text block
Applying paragraph formatting to a text block
Adding bullets to a text block
Formatting a shape
Customizing a shape
Using the Fill and Shadow dialog boxes
Formatting multiple shapes
Adding fill and line attributes to a text block

Unit 5: Working with pages
Topic A: Creating and setting up a drawing
Creating a drawing and setting file properties
Defining printer settings and page size
Setting page properties

Topic B: Working with background pages
Creating a background page
Adding fields to a background page
Applying a background page
Editing a background page

Topic C: Working with links
Adding a page link
Adding a hyperlink
Linking multiple files to a shape
Linking to an Excel file

Unit 6: Network and brainstorming diagrams
Topic A: Network diagrams
Using topology shapes in a network diagram
Adding a control handle
Adding and connecting topology shapes
Moving shape text

Topic B: Rack diagrams
Creating a rack diagram

Topic C: Brainstorming diagrams
Creating a brainstorming diagram
Exporting a brainstorming diagram to an XML file
Importing XML data into a brainstorming diagram

Unit 7: Customization and reporting
Topic A: Advanced layout and connection techniques
Using guides
Adding connection points
Selecting objects by type
Connecting shapes to new connection points
Changing Snap & Glue settings

Topic B: Shape properties
Adding custom properties to shapes
Creating custom property sets
Applying user-defined custom properties

Topic C: Reporting
Creating a report
Running a report
Updating a report
Formatting a Visio Table Report shape