Microsoft Expression Web Basic Training Course Outline

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Course objectives

This course teaches the basic features and functions of Microsoft Expression Web.

Students will learn how to plan and create Web sites, work with templates, format text, and use CSS. They will also learn how to work with images, create links, use image maps, and create tables. Finally, students will learn how to use proofing tools and publish a Web site.

Course contents

Unit 1: Getting started
Topic A: Internet basics
Topic B: The Expression Web workspace
Topic C: Page editing
Topic D: HTML

Unit 2: Web sites
Topic A: Site planning basics
Topic B: Creating a Web site
Topic C: Templates

Unit 3: Text formatting
Topic A: Text basics
Topic B: Structural formatting
Topic C: Cascading Style Sheets

Unit 4: Web page layout
Topic A: Basic CSS layout
Topic B: Basic layout techniques

Unit 5: Images
Topic A: Image formats and properties
Topic B: Working with images

Unit 6: Links
Topic A: Link basics
Topic B: Link styles
Topic C: Image maps

Unit 7: Tables
Topic A: Working with tables
Topic B: Table-based layouts

Unit 8: Publishing
Topic A: Proofing tools
Topic B: Web site publishing