Mentoring Training Course Outline

This 1-day training course introduces students to the basics mentoring and the characteristics of a good mentor. Students will learn about the benefits of a mentoring program, and how to develop, implement, and evaluate the success of a mentoring program. Course activities cover selecting mentors and the people to be mentored, defining the mentor's job, matching mentors, establishing strong mentoring relationships, and maximizing the benefits of mentoring. Students also learn how to set effective goals and become effective learners when they are being mentored, and how to choose a mentor.


Mentoring basics
Topic A: Ways of mentoring
Topic B: Roles and competencies
Topic C: Organisational strategies

Mentoring programs
Topic A: Understanding mentoring programs
Topic B: Developing mentoring programs
Topic C: Selecting participants

Dimensions and styles of mentoring
Topic A: Mentoring dimensions
Topic B: Learning and mentoring styles

Mentoring effectively
Topic A: Effective mentoring relationships
Topic B: Choosing and managing mentees
Topic C: Effective mentees

Mentoring relationships
Topic A: Building strong mentoring relationships
Topic B: Successful mentoring relationships
Topic C: Ending mentoring relationships