RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds in Outlook

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a way for content publishers to make news, blogs, and other content available to subscribers. You can view RSS content in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. Using RSS, publishers can make content and updates available for download by subscribers automatically. The content on all Web sites is not available as an RSS Feed, but the list is growing daily.


How does RSS work in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007?

RSS readers, such as the one built into Office Outlook 2007, allow you to subscribe to RSS Feeds and then read content or follow links for additional information. Whenever you see a link to a feed, or an RSS icon, just click. Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 will automatically subscribe you to that RSS Feed.


Getting started

Using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 to subscribe to an RSS Feed is quick and easy and does not involve a registration process or fee. After you subscribe to an RSS Feed, headlines will appear in your RSS folders. Click here to see an example of feeds that you can subscribe to with a click!

Simply go to the web page that has the Feed you require, e.g.    screenshot of a webpage with RSS feed information 

click the Feed Button .


This will open a further window where you can "Subscribe to this feed" as shown below
Screenshot of setting up an RSS feed


Choose Microsoft Office Outlook (or other option if preferred) from the following menu
Screenshot of setting up an RSS feed


Then click


This will display the following dialogue box in Outlook:
Screenshot of setting up an RSS feed

Select Yes to add the Feed to Outlook.

RSS items appear similar to mail messages. When you see a headline that interests you, just click or open the item. For more information, see this information from Microsoft.


An RSS feed can also be created manually.

The following example creates an RSS Feed for The Independent Online news.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook

  • Right-click the RSS Feeds folder

  • Select “Add a New RSS Feed”

  • The Following Window will open – type the address of the required Feed, e.g.” into the box as shown

  •         Screenshot of setting up an RSS feed

  • Click Add

  • News from the Independent's main news feed will appear in your RSS Feeds Folder as shown below

Screenshot of setting up an RSS feed

  • This example creates an RSS feed to the Independent's main news feed but see The Independent website for further RSS feeds options by clicking here

You can set the Auto archive settings to permanently delete messages or move them to an archive folder when they are a specified number of days old. To do this:

o   Right-click the “Independent – UK RSS Feed”

o   Select Properties

o   Select the AutoArchive tab and set accordingly

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