The Conversation View is useful for organising related messages from the same or different folders and for tracking the exchange of emails on a subject but, in addition to this, it is often helpful to keep the original message text and all the following replies within the same email.

To do this, select the required options from the Replies and forwards section in the Outlook Options:Email replies and forwards options

Explore the different ways of including the previous messages in an email such as indenting the original text, including it without changes or adding it as an attachment - click the dropdown arrows to see the options.


Sending further replies to the same email ...

... and keeping all your replies and the original text within the same message.

Sometimes, after you reply to an email, you may wish to send a further reply before you have received a response but, if you simply replied again to the email you received in the normal way, your earlier reply (or replies) would not be contained within this new email.

To keep all your replies and the original email together within the body of one email when sending a further reply:

  1. ensure Outlook has been set up with the required Replies and forwards options
  2. open the email that you previous sent (probably located in your Sent Items folder)
  3. click Reply All Reply all to email
  4. the email address for the original sender will be inserted into the To box
    ... and all the email communication for this email exchange will be included in the body of the email
  5. compose your email
  6. send in the usual way.

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